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Parent School Partnership

The family is the first and most important influence in the development of religious faith in the child. Parents who enrol children at our school are asking us to share with them the responsibility of bringing up their children as Christians under the guidance of the teachings of the Catholic Church. The school supports parents in this important role.

Parent School Cooperation
It is essential for parents and teachers to cooperate for the good of the child. By showing interest in the child’s activities at school and by involving themselves in the school community the parents will ensure that their child receives the full benefits of a Christian education.

It is important that Parents support the school and ensure that their child is well prepared for school each day. This support from the home helps fosters pride in the child, their family and in their school. Parents need to:

    • Trust the school to undertake the important role of nurturing and caring for the children.
    • Understand that learning happens beyond the classroom. All activities the child undertakes are contributing to the overall development of the child.
    • Understand that homework is only necessary to consolidate the child’s learning.
    • Allow children to develop at their own developmental pace. It can be very distressing for a child to be ‘pushed’ into learning that he or she is not yet ready to deal with.
    • Attend Parent/teacher meetings and take part in school organised functions.
    • Read the weekly newsletter carefully.
    • Check that the child has all that is required for each day. It is distressing for a child to always be without the essentials, e.g. pencils, rulers etc.
    • Send children to school neat and clean. Correct uniform is compulsory. Make sure ALL clothing is clearly marked with the child’s name.
    • Teach children to be punctual.
    • Leave and collect children at the designated places. We try to foster a sense of independence in the children and encourage children to meet parents at designated places.
    • Understand that the children are the responsibility of the teachers from the time they arrive at school until they are dismissed. Parent’s cooperation in seeing teachers’ instructions are carried out is expected.
    • Ensure nutritious food is provided for recess and lunch.

<li”>Ensure children get the sleep and rest they need to enable them to learn.

  • Show a general interest in the school by supporting the P&F in all its activities.


Volunteers Workshop
The school offers a Volunteers Workshop for all parents who wish to participate in the school activities. It is a requirement that parents complete this workshop in order to be informed about class practice and requirements. This workshop is advertised in the school newsletter.

Our teachers are called upon to be witnesses to the importance of faith in God and in their lives. They are a major influence in the formation of the children and this permeates their whole teaching day. Our expectation is that each and every person in our community is treated with courtesy and respect and we trust that these attitudes are fostered in the home.


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