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Life-Long Learners

At Infant Jesus School, we celebrate parents as the first and most influential educators and recognize that strong collaborative partnerships between the parents and the school are essential. The staff of the school work collaboratively with parents to foster children’s spiritual, cognitive, physical and social and emotional learning and growth.

Students are taught to become lifelong learners by focusing on information literacy skills, inquiry and research processes. Students are encouraged
to identify, locate, evaluate, organize and effectively create, use and communicate information to address issues or problems at hand. We give children opportunities to construct their knowledge in a positive relationship with others and for each child to be open to different ways of learning.

At Infant Jesus School, we believe in:
• Implementing a pedagogy that is purposeful, meaningful and relevant.
• Challenging the intellectual, imaginative and spiritual capacities of all learners.
• The importance of developing problem solving and thinking strategies
• Developing skills of collaboration, communication and creativity.
• Planning the environment that young children can experience the world.
• Encouraging children to take risks and persist with their learning.
• Engaging children in meaningful and purposeful tasks.
• Allowing children to be actively in the learning process of; learn, act and reflect.
• Challenging children to aspire to #ExpectGreatThings.


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