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Innovative Learners

At Infant Jesus School, we provide opportunities for our children to be creative and lateral thinkers who pursue their curiosities and problem solve.

Technology is infused into the children’s day to support the learning that is occurring in the classroom. It is not used as a substitution for what we have always done, but as a way of redefining what we do.

Throughout a child’s time at Infant Jesus they will continue to develop the skills of critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity through a constantly evolving environment, curriculum and pedagogies. Children are encouraged to develop solutions for problems that arise and integrate their knowledge of STREAM (Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering,
Arts and Mathematics) into creating solutions for global problems.

Children are encouraged to think independently and problem solve effectively in learning environments that cater for their various needs. Through adapting the furniture and the space inside and outside of the classroom the children will develop creativity in the way they think and present their work.

At Infant Jesus School, we strive to create environments where:
• Technology is used as a tool to enhance the learning.
• Learning is collaborative and personalised.
• Physical spaces provide opportunities to enable practical hands-on experiences.
• Children are challenged to be lateral thinkers and innovative problem solvers.
• Children, teachers and parents collaborate to #ExpectGreatThings.


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