At Infant Jesus School, we believe that we should provide challenging and highly motivating learning opportunities for all of our students, catering for different ability levels, capacity and creative talents. We want our students to be creating solutions and to be critiquing, analysing and evaluating problems. Students should be recognising needs and opportunities, not just in our school and community, but globally to identify and create solutions. We believe our students need to be challenged in order to develop the skills required in a contemporary educational setting.

In order to provide our students with these rich learning opportunities, a new initiative, iHour was introduced into our teaching and learning program at the start of 2017. When participating in the iHour program, students come up with a response to a real-world problem of their choice. It could be a new invention, an improvement to something that already exists or a clever idea that helps make the world around us a better place. Students must use their own words, images and diagrams and there are research and presentation components throughout the process.

At Infant Jesus School, we aim to empower confident life-long learners and foster a personalised learning approach. iHour is an example of how our students take part in integrated learning, with tools and resources provided for meaningful collaboration and problem solving


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