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Contemporary Learners

A contemporary learning approach is personalised, responding to the learning needs, interests and experiences of each student. Contemporary learning aims to empower students with the knowledge, skills and capacities to respond creatively to the challenges of their world.

Today’s world promises new educational opportunities for our students and
we strive to develop an enhance new technologies and learning styles that will empower all children to flourish.

At Infant Jesus School, we believe in:
• Providing opportunities for children to work in flexible learning spaces that accommodate their individual learning styles.
• Encouraging movement and interaction where the role of the teacher facilitates and supports learning.
• Children making decisions and choices to suit their learning needs.
• A rich curriculum that engages the contemporary learner.
• Children working independently and collaboratively and taking ownership of their actions.
• A culture of learning that builds capacity to deepen insight and meaning.
• A pedagogy designed to empower the learner.
• A learning community built on strong partnerships that connect, challenge and collaborate to #ExpectGreatThings


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