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Connected Learners

At Infant Jesus School, we provide a safe school environment where parents, teachers and students are working together to provide a supportive and connected school culture.

All parents of children in the school are members of the P & F Association. This Association is a community-based group, which has the primary function of supporting, providing community gatherings and parent involvement in the school.

It is essential for parents and teachers to cooperate for the good of the child. By showing interest in the child’s activities at school and by involving themselves in the school community parents will ensure that their child receives the full bene ts of a Christian education.

It is important that parents support the school and ensure that their child is well prepared for each day. This support from the home helps fosters pride in the child, their family and in their school.

At Infant Jesus School, we believe in
• A culture of excellence as evidenced by high expectations and expressed through a shared vision.
• Encouraging relationships of
mutual respect with one another, by developing empathy and care.
• Striving to develop skills to equip students with the necessary social etiquette and expectations to navigate their world both digitally and physically.
• A learning community that builds relationships and trust.
• Developing and maintaining a healthy partnership between the home, parish and school.
• Encouraging students of all ages to work alongside each other to form an Infant Jesus family and #ExpectGreatThings.


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