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Catholic Learners

Infant Jesus School is a welcoming and reflective community coming together to live out our Faith. Our very reason for existing is to provide an authentic Catholic Education for all families. We emphasis the development of each child as a unique human being.

The family is the first and most important influence in the development of religious faith in the child. Parents who enrol children at our school are asking us to share with them the responsibility of bringing up their children as Christians under the guidance of the teachings of the Catholic Church. The school supports parents in this important role.
We challenge children to find, through God, meaning and value in their lives and we form an integral part of a church community in which all generations live, worship and grow together.

At Infant Jesus School, we support our children to:
• Develop a relationship with Jesus.
• Develop a synthesis of faith and culture and faith and life.
• Participate in prayer and celebration of the Eucharist in community.
• Engage in their faith development in a conducive environment.
• Engage in Religious Education Programs which support them to grow in understanding of their faith.
• Attain the beliefs, values, attitudes, knowledge, skills and practices, which will enable them to achieve Christ’s vision of the human person.
• Share a positive relationship between the local parish and school community.
• Develop a commitment to social justice and active Christian service.


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