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Annual School Report

At my very first staff meeting at Infant Jesus School I spoke to all the staff about the most important people in this school. I wanted them to get an understanding of what this teaching game was all about and why we tend to do the things we do as staff members in Catholic primary schools. You see, for me, the most important person (people) in this school is them . . . the Teacher, as they will have the most wonderful opportunity to help a child learn.

I went further to explain that each staff member is critical to the success of each child and whether or not that child has a yearning to come to school each day, motivated and engaged to learn. As teachers their role is critical to the overall performance of the school, for I know, that if our teachers and staff members are happy, passionate about education, cohesive and working together to improve our school, motivated to improve their performance, have high expectations of themselves and their students and care about their reputation . . . then the children within their class (and this school) are very fortunate indeed . . . . for success can be the only outcome and parents will be well-satisfied with their children’s progress over the course of a year.

Read the  full 2018 Infant Jesus School Annual Report.


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